A word from our president


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Welcome to the website of the RCMP Veterans' Association - Quebec division which regroups our veterans who wish to remain connected with each other. They live everywhere in Quebec,  in Canada or abroad. Members of the association stem from all categories of employees such as regular members, civilian members and public servants.

The objective of the association is to allow all retired members to pursue friendships that were forged during training and their carreers with the RCMP. Many of our members have other employments where they use the skills learned in their time with the Force, others are involved within their community in different volunteer work and the majority of them are taking the opportunity to spend time with their families, time that was taken away from them because of the nature of the work that is entailed when you work for an organization such as the RCMP.

For many years now the association has been supporting Father Emmett "POPS" Johns organization "Le Bon Dieu dans la rue" whose purpose is to help and support young people who for different reasons are living on the streets. Monies given to this organization come from different activities of our association.

We also participate in events with active members and share our different experiences with them and also offer our support.

In short, the veterans' association allows its members to share, communicate and help each other if need be. We have at least 4 meetings every year and also social events such as a golf tournament where our veterans reminisce about good memories.


Line Carbonneau